Monday, June 07, 2010

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I've started up a BRAND NEW blog - please update all your bookmarks, and such.

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Saturday, June 05, 2010

What a WACKO Diet

Can you lose 25 lbs. in 25 days?

Yeah, I know - sounds like marketing hype, & more infomercial crap. I mean, nobody can *really* lose 25 lbs in 25 days, can they?

Joel Marion claims that you can.

(Remember the "Body for Life" contests that Bill Phillips from EAS supplements was putting on a few years back? Well, Joel won the thing. He was pretty sharp then, but
he's gotten smarter since then...)

And mind you, he claims you can lose 25 lbs. OF FAT (not just cutting water weight or losing muscle) in 25 days, too.

How? By using his "Xtreme Fat Loss Diet".

What is the "Xtreme Fat Loss Diet"? Well, it's basically about the craziest, most unorthodox, hardest to stick to plan I know I've ever looked at. Ever look at something and just think, "You know, I bet that would be kickass as hell to try out, but there's just no way I'd be able to stick to that." Well, that's this diet.

I'll be honest - I wouldn't try this thing (at least not at this point in my life). Why not? B/c I've got kids, training, blogs to write, websites to run, new products I'm creating, other business interests I dabble in, and a ton of other things in my life that take my time and attention. Sticking to this wacko diet plan would just be too much of a pain in my ass.

Now, if I were younger & had a lot fewer responsibilities, trained for a living (like a pro athlete or bodybuilder or whatever), then I'd be all over the "Xtreme Fat Loss Diet".

To make this thing simple, a buddy of mine (a fellow trainer) put it pretty well - "It's kinda like somebody took the idea of conjugate periodization, and applied it to how you eat".

Listen, if you're just dedicated & disciplined, then this diet isn't for you. But, like I've said before, if you have a "I'm gonna f@cking do this, do it right, and NOTHING is gonna stop me!!" attitude, then you'll get some awesome results.

I know somebody is sitting there, asking themselves, "Can you REALLY lose 25 lbs of fat in 25 days? Is that even possible?"

Ahhhh...maybe. Depends on the person. Could you stand to lose 25 lbs? If not, then, well...don't expect to lose 25 lbs. Duh. (But that certainly doesn't mean you couldn't drop that last 10-15 lbs.)

But if you *could* stand to lose 25 lbs - or more - then this is a plan that'll do it for you...if you can stick to it.

However - if you don't lose the 25 lbs in 25 days, Joel *does* offer a complete 100% money-back, no questions asked, 'you-get-satisfaction-or-else' guarantee.

So that's cool.

Listen - HERE'S THE LINK. Go check it out. If you think you've got the desire and can stick it out w/this program, then give it a shot. Worst case scenario is that you try it, it doesn't work, and you get a refund down the road...


If you *do* end up picking this up and trying the diet out, shoot me an email and lemme know how it goes...I'd like to hear about it.

Train Hard, Rest Hard, Play Hard-
Matt “Wiggy” Wiggins
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PS - Just checked Joel's site again, and he's running a promo where you can even get started for just $5. What else can you get in on for $5 anymore? =>CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Gettin' BIG

Ok, in an effort to bring continued common sense to the masses, it's time to talk about more workout programs and how complicated they DON'T have to be.

This time, it's all about puttin' on size. Mass. Muscle. Gettin' swole. Hyooge. Jacked.

(You get the idea.)

Now, the last few days, I've been trying to bring you some very basic instructions on how to train for certain goals. Like if you wanna get strong, then find heavy sh!t, and lift it. If you wanna get fast, then get stronger and try to move quickly. Stuff like that.

Well, if you wanna get big, know how to do it?

1 - find heavy sh!t (starting to notice a pattern here?)
2 - lift it a bunch of times
3 - rest some
4 - lift it a bunch of times again
5 - rest a lot
6 - eat

This stuff just ain't as complicated as all the other "gurus" out there try to make it out to be. It's just not.

BUT, that doesn't mean that you can do just ole any kind of program and it work, either though. I mean, you can find heavy sh!t, lift it some, rest, and eat, and you'll get better results than the vast majority of the population.

But do you wanna be better than the majority...or do you wanna be better than everybody?

B/c that's where a well-designed, thought out, cycled program comes in. Use basic principles, and tweak them into a routine for absolute maximum effectiveness.

Just like you get in "Working Class Fitness - The Programs".

And here's the super-cool thing about "WCF - The Programs": they were designed for pro MMA fighters. MMAists have insane fitness demands - they gotta be strong, fast, have great cardio, strength & power-endurance, maintain and build as much muscle as possible for their given weight class, and more.

Well, all that is exactly what "Working Class Fitness - The Programs" will do. And what's more, you get SIX totally different 8-week programs (48 weeks in almost an entire year's worth of training!).

Why is that good? B/c whatever your specific needs are, you can pick a program that will focus on those things, while you go into maintenance mode for everything else. No more of getting strong at the expense of losing speed, or getting more cardio at the expense of losing muscle, or whatever.

And that's cool.

So hit up => and check out "WCF - The Programs".

You'll be glad you did.

=>Get "Working Class Fitness - The Programs" HERE

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Matt “Wiggy” Wiggins
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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Gettin' Stronger is Simple...but Not Easy

You know, most of the fitness industry sucks these days. They try to over-complicate everything when it's just not needed.

Take workout programs to get you stronger, for example.

Everybody has all these crazy, wild, complicated programs that are supposed to work. And some of them even do. Here's the thing - do *you* need these complex programs.


Here's the thing peeps - if you wanna get stronger, then I'm gonna break it down for you:

1 - find heavy sh!t (barbells, DBs, sandbags, etc)
2 - lift said heavy sh!t
3 - repeat

Tough to figure out, huh? I'm gonna break it down some more. Say you wanna increase what I call your strength-endurance - or how long you can be strong (i.e. - how long you can exert near maximal strength):

1 - find heavy sh!t
2 - lift said heavy sh!t
3 - rest a little
4 - lift said heavy sh!t again
5 - repeat a bunch of times

See, it's not that complicated. People just don't wanna do the work is all.

That's why "Working Class Fitness - The Programs" is so damn good. There are SIX different programs. Each one targets a different set of goals to let you maximize your progress, while still maintaining everything else.

The real kicker is that "WCF - The Programs" takes all the best methods for accomplishing various goals (like getting stronger) and puts them into simple, easy to understand, and even easier to do formats.

Now don't confuse "simple" with "easy". Ain't none of this stuff "easy". And if any workout program is telling you about all the progress you can make, while it's "easy", then it's full of crap.

Make it simple on yourself - get "Working Class Fitness - The Programs" (which were originally designed for top-level you know the programs work), and learn the best methods to accomplish everything you want to do.


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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

How to Get Faster

Ha - yesterday's monster "revelation" went over pretty well w/some of y'all...I thought it might... ;-)

I know...I know. It's hard to believe that if you wanna get stronger, that you gotta lift heavy sh!t (lol). I know that lifting heavy sh!t ain't fun, and it ain't easy...but it's what you gotta do if you wanna get stronger.

Well, let's keep the knowledge flowing - only today, let's look at the main thing that's gonna get you faster.

I know there are all kinds of different equipment and super-crazy programs to get you faster. Everything from running w/parachutes to jumping w/rubber bands and more.

But the best - and quickest - way to get faster is to just get stronger.

It doesn't matter if you're trying to run faster, move your body faster, punch harder, throw a ball faster, or whatever...getting stronger is the easiest and quickest way to do it.

See, when you get stronger, you can run faster b/c can actually drive into the ground and propel yourself forward harder and faster. This is why it's not uncommon to see elite-level sprinters and NFL running backs that can squat as much as 500+ lbs.

You can also do other activities faster, b/c when you're stronger, you can generate more power, which is what allows you to jump higher, throw further, and move quicker.

In the end, if you get stronger, you're gonna get faster. The key, is *utilizing* that strength in just the right way. And that's where "Working Class Fitness - The Programs" comes in.

See, while getting stronger is the key element, it's all about adapting that strength in order to do this other stuff faster that really makes the difference. Which is why "WCF - The Programs" rocks.

Being able to run faster takes a slightly different approach than just generating more power (i.e. - moving heavy stuff...or your body...quicker). And both of those are slightly different than building power-endurance (which allows you to be faster for a lot longer).

So how cool is it that "Working Class Fitness - The Programs" gives you different, specific programs to do ALL of those things?

Yeah - I don't mean just workouts. I mean in complete 8-week programs. B/c "WCF - The Programs" has SIX different 8-week programs.


Oh and don't let the fact that these workouts were originally designed for MMA fool you or whatever...these workouts will help ANYBODY get into monster awesome (yeah, I
said 'monster awesome' - haha) shape...whether you do martial arts or not.

=>Check out "WCF - The Programs" & Get Faster Today

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Monday, May 31, 2010

Get Stronger - Dump the Crap

It boggles my mind some of nutjob workout programs there are out there now.

Everybody seems to have some sorta gimmick now. A gimmick piece of equipment, a gimmick workout schedule, a gimmick type of training...ugh.

Whatever happened to just goin' out and working hard?

Take getting stronger.

Now, I'm about to let you in on a MAJOR secret to getting stronger. This secret is something I've just recently discovered, and I can't believe I'm about to tell you in a newsletter...I should be charging TOP DOLLAR for this kinda info. But, I'm "cool like that", so here you go.

If you wanna get stronger, you've gotta...wait for it....wait for it...lift heavy shit.

Yeah, I know - pretty mind-blowing, right? Lift heavy shit. Get stronger. Who'd have thunk it?

But guess what? Lifting heavy shit is HARD. It takes a lot of effort, work, and "testicular fortitude". Which is why nobody wants to do it.

And that's why all the fitness geeks, gurus, and wannabes come up with every conceivable method in the world to try and convince you that you can get strong w/o lifting heavy shit.

Well, tell me this - when you were in school, did you ever get smarter by studying stuff you already knew? Yeah - didn't think so. So why would you get stronger by going easy on the weights?

Ain't gonna happen.

Listen - dump all the gimmicks and crap that most of the modern fitness industry tries to convince you will "work". They might sound cool, or neat, or hip, or whatever...but you can pretty well assume that if they sound like they can get you out of hard work, that they suck ass.

Now, if you're ready to dump all the crap, buckle down, put some effort in, and *really* get some damn results, then go check out "Working Class Fitness - The Programs".

It's six completely different, all-encompassing 8-week programs, each w/a different focus, so that you maintain (maybe even improve) everything else, you really get good at one particular thing.

Maybe you get really strong while maintaining endurance and cardio. Or maybe you really get fast while maintaining strength, cardio, & work capacity. Or maybe you do nothing but bodyweight exercise for a while.

You get the idea.

So, forget all the gimmicks, and start really'd be surprised at just what you can do.

=>Get "Working Class Fitness - The Programs"

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Matt "Wiggy" Wiggins
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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Some People Are IDIOTS

I know - y'all think I'm about to go on a monster rant, huh? Well, I'm not today...

...well...maybe a *small* ;-)

Here's the thing people - some folks just don't wanna wise up...esp when it comes to their cardio workouts.

Ever know somebody who was just making a bunch of STUPID decisions, but no matter what you did or told them, you knew you were never gonna change their mind, and they were never gonna pull their head outta their ass?

B/c you care and are a friend, you really wanna help 'em. But after a while, you just say "the hell w/it", and leave 'em be...and try really hard not to say "I told you so" when it all backfires."

That's about how I am these days w/people and their cardio workouts.

Now, I know many of you "get it". You've been on my list long enough, and are smart enough to figure this stuff out...esp when I tell you "what's what".

But you have no idea how many people I know that no matter how much I try to tell them that intense, athletic-based circuit training is the way to go, they wanna just
argue with me.

*face palm*

Yeah, going jogging for a mile or two a few times/week is decent exercise. I'm not disputing that. But, why do that (and wreak havoc on your knees, ankles, & hips in
the process), when you could:

-increase your strength & power
-build a more muscular physique
-burn more calories during...and after...your intense workout
-improve *both* your aerobic and anaerobic capabilities (meaning even better cardio) at the same time
-develop work capacity to the point that it'd take a forklift to outwork you
-do your workouts virtually anywhere you wanted, and at any time
-build stronger & healthier muscles...heart...lunges...joints...bones...should I keep going?

Listen, like the friend I was telling you about, I'm not gonna go nuts all day to try and wise somebody up if they don't wanna listen.

You wanna continue on for endless, mindless, boring hours doing traditional cardio? Knock yourself out.

But, if you wanna get more results...better results...and in a lot less time...then go get the =>"Working Class Cardio Workout"

It'll do all that...and a ton more. Believe dat.

That link again... =>

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